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Fruits and Vegetables

Welcome to Millside Fresh Produce!

Millside Fresh Produce are an independent business operating from premises in the heart of Nottingham! We employ local people and supply local fresh produce, to all manner of catering establishments and chefs!

Prepared Produce

We are specialists in prepared produce, and much is done by hand, however we also have a vast range of equipment that can dice, slice, shred, and baton etc. We cater to whatever our customers individual requirements are.

Our wide range of prepared produce offers caterers a time saving option, with no compromise on quality whatever the quantity!

The history of Millside!

Get to Know Us

The directors being all local to Nottingham and having grown up within the vicinity, already had many friends within the industry, and felt there was a window of opportunity to create a company supplying local fresh produce with an emphasis on supporting local businesses. 

Millside Fresh Produce progressed beyond there expectations around Nottingham earning them a well-regarded reputation within the catering industry.

Around 2009 Barrowcliffe's prepared catering division and Millside merged to form Millside Barrowcliffe.


In 2020 the business again rebranded upon the retirement of one of the shareholders to become Millside Fresh Produce, with Anthony Milward now the forefront of the company.

Food Safety Certification


We are proud to be a Micron certified supplier.


Micron accreditation provides a high level of confidence of safety in the food supply chain, that is externally and independently audited.


The Micron standard is unique in that it features specific requirements with regards Listeria. 

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