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Freshly Prepared Produce

Short of space in your kitchen? Not enough kitchen staff? Short on time? Let us help by taking some of the workload off you allowing you time to focus on your flavours. We have a full range of freshly hand and machine prepared vegetables, fruit and salad.

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Freshly Prepped Vegetables

From carrots and cauliflower to aubergine and artichoke - you name it we can prepare it for you and deliver it to your kitchen the very next day. We prepare in all the usual formats such as diced, sliced, baton and peeled, and also offer bespoke prep service to suit your requirements. And not forgetting the mixed and seasonal veg.

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Freshly Prepared Fruit

Juiced, peeled, chopped and wedged, we offer a fully array of freshly hand prepared fruit. From locally sourced British fruits, to exotics, and not forgetting mixed fruit salads prepared to your menu requirements.

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Freshly Prepared Salads

Whether you're looking for ready washed mixed leaves, perfectly sliced tomatoes, finely chopped spring onion or diced radish - we can help! We hand prepare our salads on site in Nottingham ready for delivery to your kitchen the next day,


Produce Prepared To Micron Food Safety Standards 

Our Micron Food Safety certification offers you the assurance the produce you are receiving is prepared carefully in safe surroundings at our site in Nottingham.

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Freshly Packaged Produce

We keep your freshly prepared veg, fruit and salad perfectly packaged to keep it in the freshest condition possible; Using blue bags in line with STS Food Safety requirements. 

Quality Prepared Vegetables

Saving you time and hassle! 

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