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From Soil To Service!

Fresh, Seasonal, Local

Local Fruit & Veg Suppliers

Millside Fresh Produce serve chefs and caterers in Nottingham and the surrounding areas each day.


We supply fresh fruit and locally grown vegetables and are specialists in prepped fruit, veg and salads which we prepare in-house to order.

This Season's Produce

Image by Dan Meyers

From Soil To Service

We work with local farmers and producers to source the freshest UK produce when it is in season. Not only is this more sustainable, it means the fruit and veg you serve your diners will be fresh, and supports local farmers and businesses producing your food. Minimising food miles and maximising flavour! 

Some of the produce we buy locally are carrots and parsnips grown in Nottinghamshire and cauliflower and potatoes from Lincolnshire. 

The Latest From Millside

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